A joke!

Hey Guys! ummm… it’s been quite long since my last post, so umm to compensate it, ill tell you guys a joke ‘kay?
Maybe it’s not that much funny, but anyways, i feel like saying one:

Mr Knott* was a teacher. He taught in a big school in London. He lived a long way from the school, so he was usually quite tired when he got home.         *(pronounced ‘not’)
At 9  o’clock one evening, when he was in bed, the telephone bell rang in the hall of his small house. So he went downstairs, picked up the telephone and said:
“This is Cardiff 316523, who’s speaking, please?”
“Watt*,” a man answered.      *(pronounced ‘what’)
“What’s your name please?” said Mr Knott*     *(pronounced ‘not’)
“Watt’s* my name,” was the answer.     *(pronounced ‘what’s’)
“Yes, I asked you that. What’s your name, please?” Mr. Knott* said again.   *(pronounced ‘not’)
“I told you. Watt’s* my name,” said the other man. “Are you Jack Smith?”     *(pronounced what’s)
“No I’m not” Answered Mr. Knott*.        *(pronounced ‘not’)
“Will you give me your name, please?” Said Mr. Watt*.    *(pronounced ‘what’)
“Will Knott*” Answered Mr. Knott*       *(pronounced ‘not’)
Both Mr Watt* and Mr Will Knott** put their telephones down angrily and thought, “That was a rude, stupid man!”    *(Pronounced ‘what’)     **(pronounced ‘not’)

Liked the joke?? haha that’s all i’ve got to write right now. Er… have a nice day guys and please spread the word :)


Oops guys!  So sorry! I completely forgot what I had said in the post before the last one :s Again: Sorry guys. Well, whatever. Here is my explanation of what I had said… I think it was because er… I had written much more in that post, but it just got ‘mysteriously’ erased.  Here is my explanation of why I said: ‘Mysteriously’ Like in ‘It’s not mysterious at all’:

You see, it all started in December,2009.  I remember perfectly. I started thinking that I was going nuts. That something was wrong with me. That it just wasn’t possible (you see, I’ve never quite believed in this kind of things). I really thought I was going mad, and that I would end up in some sort of hospital. So I kept it to myself. I didn’t tell anyone what I had been seeing lately.

At that time, I couldn’t quite say what on earth was it, because I just didn’t believe in ghosts. It wasn’t something real for me. Just to scare people and to tell horror stories. That was pretty much it for me. When someone said the word ‘Ghost’ I used to immediately think of a flying blanket with two black holes in it for eyes and one long oval hole for a mouth. But when I started noticing this, I wasn’t so sure about what I thought about them anymore.

I had started seeing this… figure. I remember the first time I saw it, it was black. It was like… tall, and… well, you couldn’t really see it as a human being, as a person, because you couldn’t distinguish any feet, or hands. It was like a figure. With a pointy head. It was plain day. It was in the living room. When I first saw it, I was paralyzed. Scared to death. I didn’t scream, though. I was alone at home, so no one could’ve really heard me. Well that was only the first time I saw it.

Then I started hearing stuff. Really. For real. It was like… a… whisper..maybe..? I don’t know how to explain it. Let’s just put it as a noise of some kind. Then I started to feel like if someone was all the time looking at me. When I went down the stairs, I felt someone looking from up the stairs. I felt it in my back… :s

So it was like that. I started getting used to watching the figure. Something that I still can’t explain myself, is that sometimes, I can see it in white. Not black, white. Whatever. So it was like… April… I think. And I was with my sister lying over the floor on the top of the stairs. Just talking. Suddenly, the conversation took another route. Suddenly she said that the lights in her room were flickering a lot. I was like ‘You too?’ And she said she had started… feeling it and all this stuff started happening to her since ends of February. I told her that they had started happening since December.

Okay. So then it  was all regular about this ghost thing. Sometimes I would wake up in middle of the night and I would see some…one standing looking at me. Then, other stuff started happening. Non-pleasant stuff.

In the night, we started feeling sometimes like  someone touching us. Like patting our arm or our forehead or sometimes our cheek.  Stuff would move. Like, before going to sleep, a DVD is on the floor, the next day it would appear int the kitchen. It also happens that my room is in the second floor, over the living room. And I can sometimes hear things moving in the living room. My sister’s room is like on top of the kitchen, which is beside a hallway, and er… she can hear someone running up and down the hallway…

Well, another thing that happened, is that we always lock the door before going to bed. So I was going to bed, and suddenly this piece of cement unattached from the ceiling. It crashed with the floor, making this sound like a glass breaking, and so I went downstairs. I was going out to the garden to take out a broom, and the door wasn’t locked. So, the thing is, I think that the ghost isnt that bad. Just maybe a little naughty? So we think he/she made the piece of cement fall, so that we would see that we had forgotten to close the door… Ta raaaa

Well, guys, I know it’s pretty long, but believe me. This is just a small part of it all. I’m just making it short. Come one! This is what has been happening since freaking December! I’m leaving you with a funny little photo of a REAL GHOST! (believe me)  Well, err… take care… AND PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD!!!
Bye bye! Love ya! <3 <3



I was thinking. What if our destiny is already written? What if me writing this is part of my destiny? Destiny is a really difficult subject to talk about isn’t it?

I know that people, when someone tells their future, they try to avoid it. Change it. What happens if that’s part of their destiny? To avoid it? What if someone said that their destiny was, I don’t know, let’s say living in the street, and that that person would try to avoid that. That person would obviously try to avoid living in the street. wouldn’t they? And if they don’t try to avoid it, they are avoiding it, because they are… not avoiding destiny, and it said very clearly that they would avoid it.

I mean like think of it as your own book. A thick book, that has got written in it every single second of your life. Past, Present & Future. And that everything you do is written? I know It is quite depressing the thought of everything you do is what your supposed to do in this life. What it was written. It is quite interesting… and very confusing… Don’t you think?

Just think about it….

Hey guys! So… only 8 days to go for my freaking birthday! (September 23rd) :D yay!
Guys… I need your help… :/ You see, I’m not getting much visits in my blog. The most have been 7 visits, and that like three weeks ago :( I haven’t had any visits in my blog. I want people to read what I write. What’s the point in having a blog -spending time of my life sitting down on the floor, with my legs crossed and with a computer on top of them, for about an hour writing – if there’s nobody to read what i’ve got to write? please guys. Just spread the word about my blog. please. I’m asking you from the bottom of my heart. Just… Please.
I’ll do another contest if it makes you happy…. You just spread the word about my blog, and you comment below to who you’ve spread the word, and the one who has spread the word more, wins a prize: You can pick a name –  any name, for one of my book’s characters. (I know it’s not much of a prize, but Ive got nothing else to offer :( )

Now, you must be wondering, “What’s that crap about ‘the immortals are between us’?” Well, it’s because of Alyson Noel’s saga: The immortals. The immortals are composed by five actual books (I’ve heard about a sixth one, but there’s no name for it, and I think it’ll come out in 2011, so…)
-Blue Moon
-Shadow Land
-Dark Flame
-Night Star

Evermore is about a sixteen-year-old  girl called ‘Ever’, who, after a horrible accident claims the lives of her family, Ever can see people’s auras, hear their thoughts, and know someone’s entire life story by touching them. Going out of her way to avoid human contact and suppress her abilities, she has been branded a freak at her new high school, but everything changes when she meets Damen Auguste.

Damen is beautiful, exotic, and wealthy. He’s the only one who can silence the noise and random energy in her head – wielding a magic so intense, it’s as though he can peer straight into her soul. As Ever is drawn deeper into his enticing world of secrets and mystery, she’s left with more questions than answers. And she has no idea just who he really is – or what he is. The only thing she knows to be true is that she’s falling deeply and helplessly in love with him.

Now. Many people people say that Evermore is kind of similar to Twilight, but kinda flipped over. You know. The girl has got super powers since the beginning of the saga, and the boy is the new one. Now, what’s weird about this guy, is that he’s very similar to Edward in this point: He’s got secrets, he’s unbelievably beautiful, and he catches every girl’s attention. Ever can’t read Damen’s mind (Edward can’t read Bella’s mind), but different is that Damen seems to know what’s going through Ever’s mind.
Well, I can’t really say this, because I haven’t read the books yet. I’m just basing in what i’ve read in web pages. Have you read the books? Is it like Twilight? Or Have I got the idea wrong? Tell me. You can comment about this below. I think that for my comments, I haven’t got to approve. Just comment and it’s done :)

Okay guys. That’s all for today :) I originally wrote way more, but It just all got ‘mysteriously’ erased. I’ll explain why ‘Mysteriously’ In my next post :) PLEASE GUYS SPREAD THE WORD :) Bye! Love ya!


Okay Hi Guys! wazzup? So you see today’s not one of my best days ever… you see i’m getting a cold, which sucks. I’ve been dizzy the hole day. I’ve also got a bit of a fever, and i’m all alone at home, so as you might guess, i’m doing nothing but just lying down inn my bed, sleeping, watching TV, using the computer blah blah blah.
Book? yeah… I put an interrogation mark after ‘book’, because (I know — it’s kinda stupid) Last night, I had a weird dream, which i can’t actually put  in words, but that I didn’t like. It had to do with my book, Moon rise (I decided to put that title) I don’t really know exactly why, but it just dis motivated me to continue with my book. I’m not saying that I won’t never ever continue, just not for now. I won’t continue writing it until that dream is out of my head.
Oh! I almost forgot. Thanks to   katesbookshelf for suggesting the name ‘Walter/Walt’ that’s a really cool name. Why didn’t I think about that name. Ummm… You guys can still send names. Everything works. Of course how I’m taking a bit of a break with my story, you won’t hear any of the names you give me. Comment a name ( Can be girl or boy in this moment, but has to be old) or send one to my e-mail:      tofy_orma@hotmail.com
Well that’s all for today, I’m gonna sleep, take care wordpressers
comment, subscribe, leave a name :)


PS: Help me spread the word of my wordpress please! I need help! please guys! I’ll help you to spread the word of your wordpress (just comment that u’ll spread the word and i’ll spread the word of your wordpress)
Yeah and talking about spreading the word, go to wordpress:   2007jets really cool wordpress… kind of club penguin fan maybe for all of you out there who like club penguin and stuff…. really cool wordpress….and that would help you to spread the word of your wordpress if you spread the word of his.

love u guys!

Yay! August’s finally here :) you know what August means? Next month is September!!!! :D and you know what September means? My birthday! yeah My birthday: the 23rd of September! just a bit more than a month to go should I be happy that my B-Day is coming or should I be upset cause I’ll get a year older? Ha! think about that!
   So going to the… every-post subject, I’m still looking for a name of a guy. Kate’s bookshelf the other day posted soemthing about that she didn’t know if I was looking for a name for a title, or for a boy, so i’ll clear that one out: I’m looking for a name of a boy. I would really apreciate it if it didn’t start with the letter ‘A’ for I’ve already got many names that start with the letter ‘A’. The only thing for the name, is that it can’t be very common. Not a name that everyone uses now. An old fashioned name. I’ve already got the name for the title, which is Moonrise. (I made my mind up)
   I haven’t told anything to anyone exept for you guys about my suuper book. I don’t know. Probably I still don’t say anything because I’ve got only 16 pages written, because the computer deleted nearly everything. I’m brought back to the beggining. To Hayley’s very first day in X town (I say “X town” cause the town has got no name — I don’t mention it in the book)
   I’m also having problems with Alfred (If you have read my older posts, you know who he is. If you haven’t, go back to another post, where i’ve got to pieces of my book, and you’ll get it) I just can’t get his character straight. It’s like one minute, he’s very cheerful, and happy and all, and next, he’s all like quiet, and serious, and kind opf depressed. So I don’t know his character very well right now. I think I’ll do a couple of… “Exercise chapters” from Alfred’s point of view, so that I can get his character, and be able to write Moonrise more easily. Just one or two chapters.
   Well, that’s all for today, I guess, PLEASE I NEED A NAME FOR A GUY. AN OLD FASHIONED NAME!!! And i’ve got an interesting poll thingy for you to comment… How do you think Alfred is? How do you suppose his character is?
  Buy guys, Peace.


So… It’s been so long since the last time I wrote. It’s been like a month now, and, obviously, nobody is commenting and looking at my wordpress, so…  Well whatever! Let’s go to the good stuff  ‘Kay?
   So this is ummm….. good/bad news… I had written alot of my book. Really. It was like finally really growing on me. It was finally like I could write effortless. Not having to think, exept for Alfred, Who’s personality I’ve still got to figure out. So, the thing is, I was all okay and all, so I was going to write more the other day, and guess what? Half of what I had written was deleted. It just simply dissapeared. The thing is, I know it wasnt because “I put the comupter off, and I hadn’t saved it” Because I don’t own a computer. I own a notebook, and I don’t switch it off, pretty much ever, because it’s really slooooooow in loading, so I just simply close it. So it was not that. Now, you may be wondering “How could this possibly have any good news in it?” Well it does. I’ll obviously continue — I’m not that impatient, and there were some stuff where I wasn’t one hundred percent keen on, so I’ll be able to fix ‘em yay! Don’t worry, be happy and all that :D.
   Now… What else was there to talk about?
   Oh yeah! I was going to say that I have lately been really into drawing, so today, I drew two butterflies, but I only painted one. Maybe I’ll take a picture of them, and post it and blah blah blah. You know how I just jabber on and on about just any single thing that happens in my life. Really stupid things. Things like talking about how I jabber on and on about things hahaha :) Well, how I was… previously talking about butterflies, I’ll leave you guys with a picture of one. (It’s not one of the ones I drew :))


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